Basic Principles and Ideas About Palm Reading Guide

Life is full of wonders and you will find lots of things that will excite you as you go and explore various activities and ventures. Are you interested with what is going to happen in the future or if you are meant to be with the one that your heart desires? If this is the case, you need not look farther because the answers might just be well on your hands or to be exact, on your palms. Palmistry is a form of art of predicting the future through the study of the lines on the palm. People who practice this act are called palm reader, chirologists, hand analysts or palmists. You can also try telling what your future holds by studying the basics of a palm reading guide.

Right or Left?

The practice involves reading the lines on the palm in order to evaluate the future and character of that person. There are different lines that correspond to various aspects of the person’s life. Other hand analysts use more details in order to evaluate the person’s life on a deeper level. In this case, aside from the lines on the palm, they also analyze the characteristics of the finger, including the fingerprints and fingernails. They also take into consideration the skin texture, color, skin patterns, the shape of the palm and the flexibility of the hand.

The most basic palm reading guide would suggest that the analysis must begin using the person’s dominant hand. This refers to the hand that they use in most cases, such as in writing. This hand represents the conscious mind, making the other one represent the subconscious. There are still many debates that are going on regarding this. You can indulge with these issues after you have practiced the craft and you really would like to become serious with it.

The Lines

The lines on your palm constitute the most vital part of what you need to understand about the palm reading guide. There are seven kinds of lines on the palm reading chart that correspond to different aspects of your life. These are called the life line, head line, heart line, girdle of Venus, sun line, Mercury line and fate line. Three of these lines can be found in almost all hands that is why these three are given importance by professional palmists.

The first major line is the heart line, which can be found at the top of the palm, underneath the fingers. This indicates your cardiac health as well as your romantic involvements and emotional stability.

The head line is the one under the index finger and runs across the palm near its edge. This is usually joined by the life line at the start. This can say a lot about how your mind works that include your intellectual state, communication style and longing for knowledge. This can also indicate whether you use the right or left brain more often.

The life line is often tagged as the most controversial line. This starts above the thumb and flows near the wrist in arc form. This can predict the major life changes that you are about to experience. This used to be the basis of the length of a person’s life, but this is no longer being applied by modern palmists.

These are only some of the basic things that you must understand about palm reading guide. There are more interesting facts and activities that you may want to explore if you are really keen about the process.