Check out the new calendar!

Microsoft has just announced an update for the calendar, which includes several major improvements and new design. The calendar in is now much faster and has a more visually modern design in line with other services of Microsoft Office. Check out the new calendar!

This  Outlook calendar update is made thinking in the user:

[ calendar ]optimizes “content over chrome,” which, in the case of calendar, means your events and appointments are the primary focus.
Also, looking to improve connectivity to social networks, the new calendar automatically can take birthdays of friends from Skype, Facebook and LinkedIn, so you’ll never miss an important date. With the new outlook Calendar,  you can add and edit events with a single click and create task without the need to open another page. Another improvement includes the option to import calendars from other services like iCalShare and even Google calendars.

In order to make posible to sync all your gadgets, the new calendar uses Exchange ActiveSync to synchronize email, calendar and address book on mobile devices and also Outlook applications Mail, Calendar and People (contact list) in Tablets and computers with Windows 8.

Privacy is important for all users of Outlook, so this calendar is private by default, but you can choose to share the events with people you like by a simple click. Thus you can coordinate events and have the possibility that these users can modify the schedule, in addition to receiving notifications with new activities. Also, you can see the weather forecast each day with a stylized icon. What are you waiting to test the new Outlook calendar? click on and start enjoying all these new advantages.