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Unity between the Tamil and African Religions

The Tamils have maintained their ancient African Heritage. There are numerous affinities between Tamil and

Black African culture and languages. There are also similarities between the Tamil and African religions. For example, both groups held a common interest in the cult of the Serpent and believed in a Supreme

God, who lived in a place of peace and tranquility. There are also affinities between the names of many gods including

Amun/Amma and Murugan. Murugan the Tamil god of the mountains parallels a common god in East Africa worshipped by 25

ethnic groups called Murungu, the god who resides in the mountains.

In addition among the ali tiravitar, the system of inheritance passes from the uncle to his nephews, instead of to

his sons (maru makkal Tayam) as in Africa. And in both South India and the Western Sudan of Africa, the dead were buried in

terra cotta jars. 20170418yueqin