Sell house online: 5 effective tips to sell it better

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The real estate market continues to evolve at a good pace and the predictions for this 2019 in the purchase and sale of flats are very positive. When you have gone from “I do not know if …”, “I would like …” to “I want to sell my house “, you will ask yourself what is the best way to do it house buyers houston.

No doubt, a property is one of the great assets and that is why it is essential to know how to sell it easily, quickly and, above all, well.

We live connected, and most people looking for a flat do so through the internet. Why? Because the range of possibilities you have is infinite. However, for this same reason there is more competition and you should try to differentiate yourself from the other floors and hook users quickly.

5 tips on how to sell a house online

1. Select and show the best photos to sell your house fast

A house has to enter through your eyes that are why it is so important to have a good photographic report. Take care of the focus, make sure there is good lighting and if you dare with home staging , much better.

Avoid all those dark photos, with low light and poor quality. At the end of the day selling a flat is a serious decision, so investing in a photo shoot will help you sell better and faster.

2. How to sell a flat? The description is an infallible element

Once you have the photographs and have managed to capture the attention of your potential buyer, you have to show him why choose your apartment and not any other: accompany the images of a detailed description of your home. Pay attention to the spelling, to the words you choose and put yourself in the shoes of your buyer. Ask yourself the following question, who might be interested?

Depending on how your house is, you will know what type of buyer you are going to: a 5-room house will be more suitable for a family, one for two for a couple and a studio for a single that has moved to the city for work.

3. Put an appropriate price is essential to sell your property

You love your apartment and do not want to sell it, but remember: you have to be realistic.

The price is one of the most difficult factors to define and when selling your house online you must propose a price that suits your offer. Think that the users have the information of other properties to only a single click, so do not try to deceive them with very high amounts.

Take a look at the different real estate portals to check the prices of your area and the apartments with characteristics similar to yours: rooms, square meters, bathrooms, if it is new construction, if you need reforms.

4. Sell your house better taking care of direct contact with interested people

If you have carried out the previous points successfully, you will begin to receive emails and calls from people interested in your property. The step from online to offline is still as important as the rest of the process, do not relax and continue at the bottom of the canyon to get the sale of your apartment.

Accept all calls and receive them with kindness. For the first face-to-face with the aspiring owner, you should know that a clean, neat and beautiful house sells more than one that is not. The first 7 seconds are very important so you should generate a good impression.

We advise you that when you reach this point.

  • You have all the documentation of the floor: writing, last receipts of the payment of the IBI and of the expenses of the community of neighbors … This generates confidence.
  • Have the plans of the house at hand: Taking days to provide this type of information to users who are interested gives your competitors an advantage. The more time you spend giving them what they request, the more floors they can see while they wait.
  • It is possible to negotiate. Be clear if you think the value of your apartment is negotiable or it is not. You are the owner of the value of your property, but do not get carried away by impulses, be clear before starting any deal.

5. Trust a real estate agency to carry out the sale process

Although the Internet is characterized by its speed and power of diffusion, the sale of a flat can be a long and frustrating process. Being with an experienced real estate agency by your side is always a great help since it has real estate services that will speed up the sales process and that will make the difference compared to other floors.

For example, use a virtual tour to show your apartment without having to move from home or use the technique of home staging with which, through simple elements you will get a transformation of your home to generate good impression.

We want to be by your side so that this process is as fast as possible and so that you get the most benefit. In Marbà we value your property and we carry out an appraisal so that you know what the real value of your apartment is together with a feasibility study for the sale.

We accompany you until the end of the process and we make sure that your future buyers have the interest and economic solvency required for the type of property.